FracMap ClarityTM

Bringing more clarity to your productive fracture network.

The FracMap Clarity™ process analyzes your fracture’s microseismic events through the lens of advanced rupture dynamics. This new analytical methodology enables you to distinguish stress induced fractures from fluid induced fractures—eliminating superfluous data and providing a more accurate visualization of your producing fractures. The result? More strategic well planning, better stage placement, better reservoir coverage and a stronger Estimated Ultimate Recovery.

There are six steps in the process:

  • 1. Feasibility Study
  • 2. DPA Calculations
  • 3. RTA Calibration
  • 4. Parameter Visualization
  • 5. Frac Height Calculation
  • 6. Analysis and Insights

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With offices around the world, ESG provides some of the most advanced and reliable microseismic acquisition, processing and analysis services available today. Leading operators entrust their data to ESG as a valued strategic partner in optimizing production, reducing costs and mitigating the risks associated with field development.

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